We cannot stop time. No matter how hard we try we cannot stop change. However what we can remember the journey we had to get where we are today. Those special moments that set us on our path in life and shaped our future are worth storing and sharing. FEEL BEYOND allows you to do this by making a digital time capsule. You can store them where your want on Earth or outer space, or send to loved ones to remember the beautiful and timeless memories that you created.

What is a Digital Time Capsule?

The concept of a time capsule is a simple and yet profound one. It is a capsule that contains more than just pictures and videos, it contains ambitions, emotions, and values. It shows us the foundations of what our society and our lives are built on.

How to start building your legacy with Feel Beyond?

None of us knows when our last day will be, but like a will or testament or legacy, you can create your own Time Capsule today, easily, safely and securely. It will be delivered to family and friends, or to the next generation when you are gone, creating digital memories forever.

Why create a digital time capsule?